The “ Seeberg” site

Directing to the South at 300 m above sea level its climate is very much influenced by the cool air streams of the Waldviertel in the North. Warm days and cool nights are the reason for a slow ripening process of the grapes. So they have got time for developing their fruity aromas. Sand and clay, mixed with occasional slate are providing the minerals.Ideal for Rhine Riezling, which, on this special terroir, produces very unique wines, rich in spicy aromas and with mineral elegance.

The “Hiesberg” site

With 400 m above sea level it is one of the highest sites in the whole Kamptal (i.e. the wine producing region) . Directed to the South with a wide view across the contryside. A cool wind is often present and adds to the microclimate. Primitive rock and their metamorphic followers form a great deal of the ground, making it hard for the vine´s roots to find their way down.From these grapes a complex, especially spicy and aromatic wine with mineralic elegance is the result.

The “Schöntal” site

A gentle southerly slope at 300 m above sea level. A mighty layer of loess and clay is ideal for the Grüner Veltliner. Here the roots are able to grow deep down for minerals and water which is always available in the loess.The high altitude makes the grapes ripe slower and so they can develop the typical peppery spice aroma along with a good deal of fresh acidity.


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